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LAB A4 Online / AU_Series Alcove by Ray Ranoa

LAB A4 Online / New Promise 新希望 by Scott...

12/09/2016 Comments (0) Views: 669 ONLINE EXCLUSIVES

LAB A4 Online / AU_Series Gust by Ray Ranoa


#LABa4online @labgallerie AU_series / Gust

Photography: Ray Ranoa @rayranoa &
Styling: Chris Lorimer @chrislorimer @chrislorimerstylist

Hair & Makeup: Chris Arai @chrisarai
Using @delorenzo_haircare @beenigma

Models: Sam Armstrong @sam_m_armstrong &
Kade Roberts @kade.roberts @chic_mensdivision
Joel Threadgold @iamgoldthreads @IMGmodels
Nic Borrott @nic.s.bor @debutmanagement



模特儿穿着 // (L) Nic – Shhorn Jacket and pant, (R) Sam – Raey coat, COS leggings, Blundstone boots.


模特儿穿着 // (L) Joel – jac+jack top and shorts, Vans shoes, stylist’s own belt, (R) Kade – Akira jacket.


模特儿穿着 // (L) Sam – Shhorn top, (R) Nic – Akira shirt, Rick Owens pant.


模特儿穿着 // (L) Kade – Shhorn top + dungarees, Cote et Ciel backpack, (R) Sam – Comme des Garcons jacket, Raey kilt.


模特儿穿着 // (L) Sam – Comme des Garcons jacket, Raey kilt, Kade – Akira jacket, Shhorn pant, (R) Joel – Shhorn shirt, Akira brooch, Raey pant.

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