LAB A4 Online / Parfois 有時 Story by Ruben Tomas


Photography / Direction Ruben Tomas
Styling / Carlos Davis
Grooming / Mike Fernandez using Nars on the skin and Evo Hair Products.
Models / Braeden Wright, Elliot Law
& Noa Ah Nee @ Soul Artists Management.

lab-a4-online_sometimes-3b模特儿穿着 // [L] Models in tops and pants by “Jose Duran”, [R] Velvet suit “Malan Breton”Collared shirt “CK Calvin Klein”.lab-a4-online_sometimes-6b模特儿穿着 // [L] Top “Igor Dadona at Elkel”, [R] Pants “John Varvatos” Leather suspenders “Manskins”.lab-a4-online_sometimes-5b模特儿穿着 // Models in polo shirts and pants by “Malan Breton”.lab-a4-online_sometimes-7b模特儿穿着 // Model on left [Braedon] Embroidered leather jacket “Laurel Dewitt “ Leggings “Nike” Shoes “Dr Martens” / Model in center [Elliot] Pants “Stephen F” Shoes “Dr Martens” / Model on right [Noah] Shirt “Diego Montoya for Elkel” Pants “Bleach Project for Elkel” Studded gloves “Laurel Dewitt “.lab-a4-online_sometimes-2b模特儿穿着 // [L] Pants “John Varvatos” Leather suspenders “Manskins”, [R] Pants “Ev Bessar “ Cuff “Pulse”.lab-a4-online_sometimes-4b模特儿穿着 // [L] Pants “Ev Bessar” Cuff “Pulse”, [R] Embroidered leather jacket “Laurel Dewitt” Leggings “Nike”.

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